Throughout the week, the SVW team will be looking to highlight the work of what you do. We’re looking for guest posts on our blog and to highlight the work that you do by showcasing the best examples around.

Below you’ll find details and suggested SVW content for social media. 


Our top tips for social media are:

  • Add a picture

  • Share videos

  • Use the SVW Graphics

  • Use statistics you already have at your institution

  • Use any quotes from students/ community partners

  • Tag relevant organisations

  • Tag in your student groups

  • Tag in local change makers, this could be an MP, your Vice Chancellor/ College Principal, local journalists, leaders of local community groups and more.

  • Always include #SVW2021


Social Media Details

Twitter:   @StudentVolWeek   #SVW2021

Facebook: /StudentVolWeek   #SVW2021

Instagram: SVW_UK  


Suggested social media ideas

  • Always use the #SVW2021


Before Monday 8th February:

  • Target posts at people who may want to run activities. These could be at student groups, local charities or departments to organise something for you. This is also a great way to get your activities out there that you already have.

  • Use quotes from students about what volunteering means to them or community partners about what student volunteering means to them.

  • Put out posts about your activities and where they can find them. An idea could be:


‘#SVW2021 is almost here! Find activities near you on the website.

Anytime during the week (8th - 14th February):

  • Put out tweets about your activities, where students can sign up/ meet for activities.

  • Add links to your events on your own website or the student volunteering week page

  • Encourage students who attend to tweet what they are up to

  • Encourage student volunteers to tweet about where they normally volunteer

  • Tag organisations you work with asking them to share what student volunteering means to them

  • Tag local decision makers/ people of influence on campus and encourage them to participate in the campaign.


After the week:

  • Don’t lose momentum. It’s easy to think once Student Volunteering Week is done and you’re exhausted after an amazing week that it’s all done. Get your impact out.

  • Look at creating impact graphics and posting these.

  • If you have had an increase in students signing up for volunteering make sure to publicise it.


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