5 Top Tips for Charities and Student Volunteering Week

Thursday 15-02-2018 - 10:57


Thousands of students across the UK volunteer with local, national and international charities and social enterprises. If you work for a charity or social enterprise, here's how you can get involved in Student Volunteering Week 2018 (19-25 Feb).

Before you get involved

  • Think carefully about what your aims are for your involvement. Are you trying to recruit more ongoing volunteers? Do you need some one-off volunteers to help with a particular project? Do you want to recognise and praise your current volunteers? Do you want students to take action on the issue that you're tackling?
  • Having a clear aim or two will help you to make the most of SVW and focus your plans
  • Make sure you're ready for potential volunteers. Having a clear recruitment/selection/induction/training plan is crucial to a positive volunteer experience
  • Update any relevant website/Facebook pages

Here are some suggestions for what your involvement in SVW 2018 could be. We'd encourage you to come up with your own ideas too and share them with us!

1. Recognise your current volunteers

Shout about them on social media, in your newsletters, share posts with the SVW Team on #SVW2018


2. Explain the role that volunteers play in supporting your charity's vision and mission.

You could ask your volunteers to share their story or takeover your social media for the week - let them spread the word about what they give and gain while working with you!

Think about writing a guest article for us. This is a great way to showcase the impact you have working with students and the community.

3. Send individual thank you cards or emails to your volunteers

4. Reach out to colleges and universities in your area

A simple google search of your local universities and colleges will bring up their volunteering teams. Contact them and find out what it is you can do to be involved with student volunteering in the future.

5. Take a risk


Students bring a vast variety of skills that you may not have from other volunteers. The most successful student volunteering programmes involve working together with groups of students to let them co-create volunteering projects with you. Help them understand the challenges you face and what you want to achieve then work with them to tackle this. You may just be surprised at how innovative the ideas can be.


Student Volunteering Week

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