Student in the Spotlight: Brandi Hall

Friday 23-02-2018 - 09:00
Brandi bath spa

Brandi is a Trustee of the Bath Stone Museum alongside her PhD Studies at Bath Spa University. In her role as Trustee, Brandi is involved in the key decision-making and direction of the charity which determines what the charity does, the events, community work etc.

Why do you volunteer? 

I volunteer to gain experience and to make a difference in my field of study.  In a way, I have done this to gain recognition in my field for possible job offers in the future.  Plus it is always a great things for resume building.

What have you gained from volunteering/How have you benefited from volunteering? 

I have gained a lot from volunteering.  It has lead me to other roles and accomplishments. I have had some hands on training.  Real-world experience (disasters and accomplishments alike). It gives you an actual picture of what your life could actually be/or not after graduation.  As well as an amazing networking opportunity.

Why is volunteering important to me?

First I would say it depends. In one scenario I like to volunteer where it is making an actual contribution to changing society or our environment in some way.  The second scenario is that it is practically a requirement in the sector I have chosen.  So it is important in receiving a paying job upon graduation.

What advise would I give to a prospective volunteer?

Know what you want to do and just ask! If they say no the first time, be persistent.  And always be doing something to add to your CV, employers like to see that you are continuously productive.

If you'd like to see what volunteering opportunities Bath Spa Stone Museum has available, please see here.


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