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Running Student Volunteering Week this February at your college or university? Check out this page for resources you can use when planning SVW and promoting your events. If you need something that isn’t on here, please contact us.


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Measuring your impact

If there’s anything we love almost as much as student volunteers making a real impact in their communities, it’s being able to prove that impact. We’ve produced a number of resources to help you measure the impact of Student Volunteering Week on your campus. Take a look at what we recommended last year and the year before:

  • Our webinar on Making the most of Student Volunteering Week features a lot of great advice on how you can get serious about measuring your impact this February.
  • You can watch the video here and view the slides from the webinar here.

Student Volunteering Network 2017

Networking and resources for staff who inspire students to local, national and global voluntary action.